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Solar Sales Fairy Tales

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

With all the current solar adverts being thrown at you from every space *Youtube, TV and Social media* X2 thought it was high time to start confronting some of these bad greedy practices, head-on.

Lets start with some basics, crickets know nothing about solar, but love a pay day it would seem.

Solar pay back

Solar is about saving money, cost vs. benefit ratio of purchasing a solar system. The buy back of 'How long until the money I invest pays off my system?'.

Some simple sums:

Installing a 5kW Solar system @ average price $6,500 (locally NOT X2) with average Peak Sun hours it will generate average in Queensland 10,000kW if the house uses every kW produced at 0.22c the saving is $2200 per year - this is the figure a sales person gives you.

However the house hold average of 60%, self use 6000kW so the saving is only $1320 adding solar incentive $50ish. So total time to pay off the investment is 5+ Years. That is long time before seeing a return on any investment.

@ X2 we pride ourselves on getting your payback fast, 2/3 years average.

Honesty about price

So we look at why the price of Solar is so high with actual honesty.

Equipment first

Every sales person will want you to believed that their gear is the best and everyone else uses cheap Chinese rubbish, (News Flash 90% of Solar is from China). OK so 99% of Solar equipment in Australia is stringently tested by the Clean Energy Council [CEC] and the Clean Energy regulator [CER] just to be able to qualify for the Gov. rebate and this is conducted to the highest level scrutiny for the safety of consumers.

Here's the fun part; So lets look at what a Solar installer pays for solar panels average 350/370w panel *March 2021* is between $140 and $220 to buy from the supplier, this being the middle ground.


Example is 370w Longi or Sumec Phono @ $160 per panel LG $350+ all three have the around the same Modular efficiency, so a good sales man will always try and up sell and first think of your needs second.


Lets look at the most popular inverter Fronius, great inverter made in Austria parts most likely from China, expensive Inverter for what it does and it gets some serious upselling with huge mark ups. I have personnel seen quotes with 5kW @ $3000 (Wholesale for $1800) 8kW over $4000 (whole sale for $2600) for a piece of equipment that has lower efficiency rating than something half the price and half the size in Growatt @ $700 for 5kW.

X2 provides a 'Piece of Mind Full 10 year Warranty' in most cases an extra 5 years at no extra cost. Building. Good companies hold pride in the final product for the clients best results; no matter the installation situation, NOT the sales incentive.

Just some things to bear in mind before handing a sales man or cold caller the money. Solar is about saving money not employing a sales person or call center. Remember if they are not installing the equipment there are hidden costs. X2 sells and installs the equipment, the person that you first meet is the person you see on installation day, fully qualified and accountable to the high standards X2 set.

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