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Game Changing Inverters


Built to last

Exceptional reliability, backed by long-term standard inverter warranty of 12 years, extendable to 25 years.

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Know more

Track your solar performance with the mySolarEdge app, from anywhere and at any time.

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More energy

Maximised energy output from each solar panel, and power losses from shading, leaves, soiling, etc. are limited.


Safety first

Industry-leading safety features offering maximum protection of people and property for your peace of mind.


Design flexibility

Fits nearly any roof with no restrictions on tilt, orientation, partial shade or panel type


Complete PV solution

One ecosystem with a full, future-proofed system offering, backed up by reliable warranty and service, all from SolarEdge

HD-Wave Genesis key benefits

  • Single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC

  • Faster, simpler installations with maximum design flexibility

  • Record-breaking inverter efficiency for more energy production

  • Battery-ready solution supporting on-grid storage (available in 2021)

  • Rapid inverter commissioning via smartphone using SetApp

  • Built-in SafeDC™ and arc fault protection

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install

  • Supports Wi-Fi communications (sold separately)

  • IP65-rated, suitable for outdoor and indoor installation

  • Includes 12-year warranty, with extensions up to 20 or 25 years


The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter


Help homeowners invest in peace of mind with a smart energy system for today and tomorrow.
This next-generation inverter eliminates the hassle of ever having to choose between solutions with one comprehensive, modular platform that connects to it all. Keep your customers battery-ready and future-ready, and continue to maximise their savings and convenience with a system that matches their evolving energy needs.


One inverter. many functions

  • Stays on when the grid is off. Provides whole home backup when connected to the SolarEdge home battery (coming in 2021), for increased energy independence and savings. Up to 200% oversizing is possible, earning more STCs

  • Easily add on smart energy home products to control and optimise more appliances such as pool pumps, AC units, etc.

  • Give homeowners energy insight to track usage and reduce bills with the built-in SolarEdge consumption meter. Recognise when it's time for a change or upgrade

  • All conveniently managed from one app, mySolarEdge, for real-time energy monitoring and control - from anywhere 

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